Commission Items List Report

Commission Items List Report

Commission Items List Report Overview

Commissions are a great way of adding a spiff to the specific item(s) and tracking it via reports and on the leaderboards within the point of sale. The "Commission Items List Report" shows all items on commission campaigns as well as allowing filters to specific campaigns. 

1. Reaching the "Commission Items List Report"

To reach the "Commission Items List Report," follow the below steps:
Step 1: Log into Control Center
Step 2: Choose Point of Sale
Step 3: Choose Reports
Step 4: Choose List Reports
Step 5: Choose Commission Items List 

See Figure A. You will see many types of list reports that will be useful to your retail business. By clicking the drop-down selection, you will see the different types of list reports.

                                                                                         Figure A

When you navigate to the page, you will see the options pre-selected by default. You can generate the "Commission Items List Report" for the selected fields. See Figure B. 

                                                                                       Figure B

2. Generating the "Commission Items List Report" 

To generate the "Commission Items List Report," click on "Generate Report."       

                                                                                Figure C
  1. Item Name: This column displays the item's name that is pushed forward by any commissions. 
  2. UPC: Here, the Universal Product Code (UPC) is displayed in this column.
  3. Commission: The name of the commission that is applied to the items is mentioned here.

3. Manage Filters

                                                                                 Figure D
  1. Department: If you select "Departments," you will see a list of departments for the report to be displayed department-wise.
  2. Category: If you select "Category," you will see a list of categories for the report to be displayed department-wise.
  3. Manufacturer: If you select "Manufacturer," you will see the manufacturer-specific data in the report for the selected items.
  4. Tag: If you select "Tag," you will see the tag-specific data in the report of the items that are selected.
  5. Vendor: If you select "Vendor," you will get vendor-specific data for the group that is entered in the product details. 
  6. Department Tag: If you select "Department Tag," you will see a list of department tags for the report to be displayed department tag-wise.
You can see the list of records for the selected tab (i.e., Manufacturer). You can also search for a specific record by entering the label in the Search edit box.
  1. You will find the checkbox along with all the records. You need to select the record(s) by ticking the checkbox.
  1. By clicking the green right-sided arrow button, move the selected record(s) to the "Selected List" area on the right side.
After selecting and moving the records under the "Selected List,"

1. You can decide whether you want to "include" or "exclude" when the list report is generated.
- Include: If the flag is selected to "Include," it means the list report will be generated by applying the selected records.
- Exclude: If the flag is selected to "Exclude,it means the sales report will be generated but ignoring the selected records. It will consider the selected records that need to be excluded and consider the left-side records for reports.

4. Generating Reports with Filters

Selecting the Manufacturers from the list of manufacturers:

Figure E
The resultant report for manufacturers:

Figure F

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