Department List

Department List

Department List Overview

The Department List Report shows a listing of all departments, numbers, department groups, if the department is added to net sales, and the POS flag name.

1. Reaching the Department List Report
To reach the Department List Report, follow the below steps:
Step 1: Log into Control Center
Step 2: Choose Point of Sale
Step 3: Choose Reports
Step 4: Choose List Report
Step 5: Choose Department List Report 

See Figure A. You will see many types of list reports that will be useful to your retail business. By clicking the drop-down selection, you will see the different types of list reports.

                                                                                       Figure A

2. Generating the Department List Report

For generating the Department List Report, you don't have to click on the "Generate" button explicitly. The system will display the list automatically upon selection.

                                                                             Figure B
  1. Department #: This field describes the number of the department in the report.
  2. Name: This column describes the name of the department.
  3. Group: The column describes the department group with which it is associated. 
  4. Add to Sales: This column displays whether or not the "Add to Sales" flag is turned ON or OFF for that particular department. See Figure C.
  5. POS Flag: If any POS flag is applied to that department, it is mentioned in this column. It is defined at the "Departments" level. See Figure C.

                                                                               Figure C

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