Employee Of Month

Employee Of Month

Employee Of Month Overview

The Employee Of Month is a criteria to select employee(s) based on performance, quality, attendance, and many other determining factors from the previous month(s) based on their role. The store managers or the corporate users are entitled to make such decisions.

Reaching Employee Of Month 

To reach "Employee Of Month":
  1. Log into Control Center
  2. Choose Point of Sale
  3. Choose Other
  4. Choose Employee Of Month

Understanding "Employee Of Month" Layout

Please see the image below labeled Figure A for a description of the buttons and fields that appear on the screen.

                                                                               Figure A

Selecting Employee of Month:

Follow the steps mentioned below to select Employee of Month:

  1. Click the “Select Employees button from the list of all employees as presented in Figure A.
  2. A list of all of the selected employees will appear on your screen, as shown in Figure B. 

                                                Figure B
  1. Select the deserving employees or search them by name.
  2. Click on "Apply" to display the selected employee(s).

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