Gift Card

Gift Card

Gift Card Overview

A gift card is a form of payment that can be used to make a purchase at a retail store. You are allowed to load money onto the card, which you can then spend at accepted store locations. 

Reaching the Gift Card Module

To reach the Gift Card module:
  1. Log into Control Center
  2. Choose Point of Sale
  3. Choose Maintenance
  4. Choose Gift Card

Understanding the Gift Card Module Layout

Please see the image below labeled Figure A for a description of the buttons and fields that appear on the screen.

                                                                                           Figure A

Creating a New Gift Card:

Follow the steps mentioned below to add a new Gift Card:
  1. Click the “Add New” button as presented in Figure A above to add a new Gift Card.
  2. The form will appear on your screen as shown in Figure B below.

                                                                    Figure B

  1. Account Name:  This field displays your company's name.
  2. Customer Name: Select the customer name from the drop-down list.
  3. Card Number: This field requires the issued card number.
  4. Balance: This field shows the current balance status.
  5. Note: This field requires a note that explains the gift card context.
  6. Is Active: This toggling field shows the status of the gift card.
  1. Save & Close: Click on this button to save the changes and exit the gift card form.
  2. Save & New: Click on this button to save and open another gift card form.
  3. Save: Click on this button if you wish to stay on the same gift card form.
  4. Cancel: Click on this button to discard changes.

Viewing a Gift Card Details:

Follow the steps mentioned below to view Gift Card details
  1. Click the “View” button as presented in Figure A above to view gift card details.
  2. The form will appear on your screen as shown in Figure B.

                                                                            Figure C
  1. Click on the editable button adjacent to the editable fields to enter the value.
  2. You may save, close, or cancel using the buttons highlighted in (Figure B)

Deactivating a Gift Card:

Follow the tips mentioned below to deactivate a gift card:

  1. Click on highlighted "Deactivate" to deactivate the gift card.
  2.  Once clicking, the status of the gift card gets changed immediately.

                                                                    Figure D

This section describes various fields provided on the Gift Card form(See Figure C).

  1. Card Number: This field requires the issued card number, which is editable.
  2. Customer: Enter the name of the customer for whom the card is issued.
  3. Account: Fill in this field with the name of your company.
  4. Employee: Fill in the employee’s name who issued the gift card.
  5. Balance: This field shows the current balance status.
  6. Created At: Fill in the card creation date and time here.
  7. Updated At: Enter the date and time on which the card is updated.
  8. Active: This field highlights the status of the card whether it is active or inactive.
  9. Deactivate At: Enter deactivate date (if applicable), else leave the value as N/A.

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