Location Groups

Location Groups

Location Groups Overview

Location groups are the collection of the different locations clubbed in one group. If some of the locations are in the same region/zone and all the setups/configurations are similar, you can put them into one group to apply all the configurations just by selecting that location group.

Location Groups will be utilized in different modules, such as applying discounts/buydowns, assigning vendors and vendor parts, getting the report data by grouping location groups or filtering the specific location group(s), and many others.

One location will be associated with multiple location groups. 

1. Reaching the Location Groups

To reach the "Location Groups" (Navigation-1)
  1. Step-1: Log into Control Center 
  2. Step-2: Choose Locations
or  (Navigation-2)
  1. Step-1: Log into Control Center 
  2. Step-2: Choose Point of Sale
  3. Step-3: Choose Maintenance 
  4. Step-4: Choose Locations

                                                                                                   Figure 1.1

To assign and manage the locations in the group, you will see the "Manage Location Groups" button on the top-right side of the Locations listing page. By clicking this button, you will see the window named "Manage Location Groups" to manage the groups and assign the locations. You can add/edit/delete the groups from here.

                                                                                    Figure 1.2

2. Adding New Location Group

By clicking the "Add Location Group,you will get a pop-up to enter the name of the new group. Generally, the name of the groups depends upon regions/geography.

                                                       Figure 2.1

Enter the name of the location group and click the "Create" button. After clicking the "Create" button, the new group will be added to the list.

                                                     Figure 2.2

3. Assign Locations to Location Group

You can assign and manage the locations in the group by clicking the "Assign Locations" button.

                                                                                            Figure 3.1

By clicking "Assign Locations," you will see the "Manage Filter" window to select the location.
Select the locations on the left side and move them to the right side. You can select the locations in more than one location group as per requirement.

                                                                                            Figure 3.2

You can remove any location if no longer needed in the group just by clicking the "Remove" (red-crossed) button. The confirmation popup will be asked when you removed the location from the "Selected List."

After managing the locations for this group, click the "Apply" button, and the locations will be assigned to the group.

4. Edit/Delete Group

You can edit the location group name by clicking the 'edit' button.

                                                                                     Figure 4.1

You can delete the location group from the list by clicking the "remove" (red-crossed) button. When you click the remove button, an alert will appear on the screen asking for confirmation to delete the location group.

                                                                                    Figure 4.2

By clicking the "Yes" button, the location group will be removed. But, if the locations are already assigned to the group, you will get the "Unable to Delete Location Group" alert.
Note: To remove the location group, you need to remove the locations from the "Selected List" primarily. After that, you can delete the location group from the list.

5. Select Location Group

When you are creating the new location, you will get a drop-down selection to select a location group from the list.

                                                           Figure 5.1

You can assign the location to more than one group. Later, you can change (add/remove) the location group by editing the location or by navigating to "Manage Location Groups."

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