Loyalty Settings

Loyalty Settings

Loyalty Settings Overview

POS -> POS Device Global Settings -> "Loyalty Settings"

You can manage the settings for the loyalty transactions at the POS under Loyalty Settings.
-> In this article, you will learn about settings related to loyalty customers and manage the prompting options at the POS.

1. Reaching Loyalty Settings

To reach "Loyalty Settings," follow the below steps:
1. Click "Point of Sale"
  1. Step 1: Log into Control Center
    After logging into Control Center, you need to click Point of Sale -> Maintenance
  2. Step 2: Click Settings & Panels
  3. Step 3: Click POS (Under the "Settings" tab)
  4. Step 4: Click POS Device Global Settings
  5. Step 5: Click Loyalty Settings
2. When the users log into the Control Center (client's login), they will find the "Settings" option from the main navigation panel on the left side.
  1. Step 1: Log into Control Center
  2. Step 2: Click Settings
  3. Step 3: Click POS
  4. Step 4: Click POS Device Global Settings
  5. Step 5: Click Loyalty Settings

                                                                                                Figure 1.1

2. Loyalty Settings Glossary

Manage the below setups related to loyalty customers and transactions at the POS:

1. Scan ID Start With: Enter the leading character (alphanumeric) of the loyalty scannable card.
-> If you have provided the loyalty cards to the customers who signed up for the loyalty program, you need to enter the card's leading number (digit) here. So, when a customer provides a loyalty card for the loyalty transaction and the ID is the same as what is entered here, the POS system will pull the customer's information.

2. Scan ID Length: Enter the length of the card, which could be 14 digits. So, the cashier scans the card that starts with the entered value as per "Scan ID Start With."

                                                                                 Figure 2.1

3. Auto Open Customer Profile Window: Enable this setting if you want to prompt the customer's profile when a cashier scans the ID or loyalty card.
-> When a cashier at the POS scans the customer's ID or loyalty card, the POS system will open a customer profile by prompting the window on the screen. The window will show the general information of the customer, such as their name, contact information, how many reward tokens they have, what coupons they have available, etc.
4. Allow Check-in without Membership: This setting would be with the mobile app. If you have a loyalty program running and a customer with the loyalty app comes in, they would be able to check in to the store without being a member.
5. Prompt for Email: Enable this setting if you want to prompt for email information if the customers want to receive emails regarding ongoing discounts, loyalty campaigns, etc.
6. Prompt for Referral Code: This setting determines whether the cashier marked as both an employee and loyalty customer is prompted to enter a referral code when signing up a new loyalty customer or not. 
7. Prompt to Add LNS Customer During Uplift: Enable this setting if you want to make visible an option to add the customer during uplift, which is executed during scanning the product.
8. Allow Loyalty Lookup on License Scan: Enable this setting if you want to prompt the loyalty lookup of the customer on the POS after scanning the license.
9. Print Balance On Receipt: If this setting is set to YES, it will print the reward token balance on the receipt after the transaction.
10. Prompt for Reason Customer Not On Sale: If a loyalty customer is not added to the sale, it prompts the cashier for a reason why a customer was not added to the transaction.
11. Post Loyalty in Background: If this setting is enabled, the receipt will be sent to the loyalty system immediately. The POS system will continue as normal and not wait for the transaction to finish processing. Any balances that would print on the receipt will no longer be available, but they will still update on the user's loyalty profiles.

                                                                          Figure 2.2
12. Prompt for Phone: This setting determines whether the register prompts the cashier to add the customer's phone number to their loyalty account or not. 
13. Auto Check-in when Scanning: Enable this setting if you want to allow for auto check-in after scanning a loyalty customer's ID. It will auto-check in that customer at that store (location).
14. Prompt Loyalty Coupon Usage When Available: Enable this setting if you want to prompt available loyalty coupons that are eligible to be used on the active transaction.
15. Require Driver's License for LNS Redemptions: Enabling this setting will require the driver's license of the registered loyalty customers while redeeming their loyalty rewards. 

After managing and configuring the settings, click the "Save & Close" button or "Save" button to save the loyalty settings.
The store owner can manage the above settings whenever needed.
Note: "Loyalty Settings" will be applied globally, which means they will be applied to every store (location) for the specific account for which you have logged in. However, you can also configure these settings at the store level for the individual stores (locations). For that, reach the "Locations" module. Edit the location (store) and click "Manage POS Settings" to configure the different POS Settings rather than applying the POS Global Settings. So, you can override POS Device Settings for any store as per retail business requirements.

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