Pay In/Out Accounts

Pay In/Out Accounts

Pay IN/OUT Accounts Overview

You can create accounts for the cashiers' pay-in and pay-out activities from the POS. Other than sales, pay in and pay out are the transactions. So, when the cashiers want to pay out for some activities, that must be recorded in the balance sheet or in the ledger account. So, the super-admin or the users with adequate permissions can create the accounts for the Pay In and Pay Out accounts to get the transaction data other than sales in the reports, ledgers, or balance sheets.
Once the Pay In/Pay Out accounts have been created, they can be selected from the POS Panel button configuration.
Pay In: In-house snacks and soft drinks pay; lottery—the lottery is paid for by the vendor, and so on.
Pay Out: Payment to housekeeping, lawn caretakers, janitors, etc.

Reaching the Pay IN/OUT Accounts Module

To reach the Pay IN/Out module, follow the below steps: 
  1. Step 1: Log into Control Center
  2. Step 2: Choose Point of Sale
  3. Step 3: Choose Maintenance
  4. Step 4: Choose Tenders
  5. Step 5: Choose Pay IN/OUT Accounts

Understanding the Pay IN/OUT Layout 

Please see the image below labeled Figure A for a description of the buttons and fields that appear on the screen.
                                                                                               Figure A

1. Add New Pay In/Out Account: Use this button to create a new pay IN/OUT account. 
2. Actions: It enlists various actions like Edit and Delete.
2.1: Edit: This action will help you edit the pay IN/OUT record.
2.2 Delete: This button will help you delete the pay IN/OUT record.

Add New Pay IN/OUT Account

Follow the steps mentioned below to add a new pay IN/OUT account:
  1. Click the “Add New” button highlighted in Figure A above to add a new pay IN/OUT account.
  2. The form highlighted in Figure B will appear on your screen.

                                                                                                 Figure B
  1. Each field of the form is explained in later sections below.
  2. Fill in the required information in each field to add a new pay IN/OUT account.
  3. Finally, using the highlighted buttons, you can save, close, or add a new pay IN/OUT account. 

Edit Pay IN/OUT Account

Follow the steps mentioned below to edit a pay IN/OUT account:
  1. Click the “Edit” button highlighted in Figure A above to edit a pay IN/OUT account.
  2. The form highlighted in Figure C will appear on your screen.

                                                                                                         Figure C
Various Save and Cancel Buttons:
1.1 Save & Close: Click on this button if you want to save all the details in the pay IN/OUT form and close it.
1.2. Save & New: Click on this button if you want to save all the details in the pay IN/OUT form and also want to create a new pay IN/OUT account.
1.3. Save: Click on this button if you want to stay on the same page after saving the details.
1.4. Cancel: Click on this button to discard the changes made to the form.

Add/Edit Fields (Pay IN/OUT Account):

2.1 Name: Enter the unique name for each pay IN/OUT account. This field makes it easier to identify each pay IN/OUT account record. 
2.2 Code: This field is for entering your company’s related internal accounting code for managing the pay IN/OUT transactions. That means, in the accounting system of your company, there has to be a separate section for managing the pay-in and pay-out transactions. 
Not to misunderstand, this field is just for visual reference. Entering your company's internal accounting code in this field does NOT export or synchronize any pay in/pay out details to your accounting system.
2.3 Is Lottery: You can select “Yes” or “No” to enable or disable this feature, respectively. 
  1. When your pay IN/OUT account is enabled, it is only used to receive money from lottery vendors or to pay money to lottery winners. Whether you receive money from a lottery vendor or make a payment to a lottery winner, both transactions will be recorded in your pay IN/OUT account. 
  1. When this option is disabled, the system will NOT use your pay IN/OUT account solely for lottery-related transactions. In this case, the system will treat your pay IN/OUT account as a general pay IN/OUT account, encompassing all pay IN/OUT transactions. 
This field is exclusively applicable to lottery-related transactions. So, the system will only consider your pay IN/OUT account with the enabled "Is Lottery" field for lottery-related transactions.
Once the accounts for Pay In/Out or Lottery, that will be listed for Pay In/Out or lottery activities at POS Panel -> Buttons Setups.

Delete Pay IN/OUT Account

Follow the steps mentioned below to delete a pay IN/OUT account:

  1. Click the “Delete” button highlighted in Figure A above to delete a pay IN/OUT account.
  2. The dialog box highlighted in Figure D will appear on your screen.
                                          Figure B
  1. Click “Yes, Delete” to continue the process of deleting your pay IN/OUT account.
  2. Click “Cancel” to close the pop-up and skip the deletion process.

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