Recon Settings

Recon Settings

Recon Settings Overview

POS -> POS Device Global Settings -> "Recon Settings"

You can manage the reconciliation settings for lottery and general recon that are performed at the POS. In this article, you will learn about reconciliation settings (flags) for performing such actions at the POS.

1. Reaching the Recon Settings

To reach the "Recon Settings," follow the below steps:

1. Clicking "Point of Sale"
  1. Step 1: Log into Control Center
    After logging into Control Center, you need to click Point of Sale -> Maintenance
  2. Step 2: Click Settings & Panels
  3. Step 3: Click POS (Under the "Settings" tab)
  4. Step 4: Click POS Device Global Settings
  5. Step 5: Click Recon Settings
2. When the users (employees) log into the Control Center (client's login), they will find the "Settings" option from the main navigation panel on the left side.
  1. Step 1: Log into Control Center
  2. Step 2: Click Settings
  3. Step 3: Click POS
  4. Step 4: Click POS Device Global Settings
  5. Step 5: Click Recon Settings

                                                                                                            Figure 1.1
You can configure the following sections for the "Recon Settings."

2. Recon Settings Glossary

Manage the below settings related to reconciliation at the POS:

1. Lottery Sort Direction: Choose the option from the drop-down whether lottery tickets are sorted via "Ascending" or "Descending" ticket numbers.
2. Get Lottery Outs From: Choose the option from the drop-down whether lottery payouts are from "Departments" or "Payout accounts."
3. Sort Lottery Games By: Choose the option from the drop-down if games are sorted via "Bin Number" or "Game Number."
4. Auto Populate Lottery Recon Safe: Enable this setting if you want all lottery recon safe values to be automatically populated. You don't want the cashier to input book and ticket values manually.

                                                                                                    Figure 2.1
5. Print Blind: Enable this setting if you want to print the lottery reconciliation without the system's value. It will not show the total dollar value of that lottery recon.
6. Daily Recon - Include Today Option: Choose a relevant option from the drop-down whether you want to provide an option to include the Today's Shift Recon to the "Daily Recon".
-> The drop-down selection: Always Include Today's Shift | Never Include Today's Shifts | Prompt Employee for Selection

7. Hardcode Starting Till: Enable this setting if you want a starting till with a fixed amount value for the stores.
- Hardcode Starting Till Value: Enter the fixed (hardcoded) amount value.
-> If you have enabled this setting, the cashiers at the POS will no longer add the starting till amount when they start the shift, and/or the button will disappear.

After managing and configuring the settings, click the Save & Close or Save button to save the recon settings.
The store owner can manage the above settings whenever needed.
Note: "Recon Settings" will be applied globally, which means they will be applied to every store (location) for the specific account that you are logged into. But, you can also configure these settings at the store level for the individual stores (locations). For that, reach the "Locations" module. Edit the location (store) and click "Manage POS Settings" to configure the different POS Settings rather than applying the POS Global Settings. So, you can override POS Device Settings for any store as per retail business requirements.

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