Reconciliation Settings

Reconciliation Settings

Reconcilliation Settings

These reconcilitation settings are account-level settings. You can configure settings related to reconciliation notifications and alerts.

Reaching "Reconcilliation Settings"

To reach "Reconcilliation Settings," follow the below steps:
  1. Step 1: Log into Control Center
  2. Step 2: Choose Point of Sale
  3. Step 3: Choose Maintenance

                                                                               Figure 1
  1. Step 4: Choose Settings & Panels
  2. Step 5: Choose POS (Point of Sale Settings) 
  3. Step 6: Choose Reconcilitation Settings 

Understanding "Reconcilliation Settings" Layout

Please see the image below labeled Figure 2 for a description of the buttons and fields that appear on the screen.

                                                                               Figure 2
  1. Choose specific users to receive email notifications for the reconciliation: You can choose the email of the admins/admin group from the drop-down list for the reconciliation notifications.

                                                                                 Figure 3
  1. Add custom emails to receive admin notifications (1 per line): In case the emails are not there in the drop-down list, then you can add the custom email ID of the recipient to receive the reconciliation notifications. Only one email can be added to a line. 

                                                    Figure 4

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