Setting up Store Pickup for Location

Setting up Store Pickup for Location

Setting up 'Store Pickup' for Locations (Stores)

"Store Pickup" fulfillment offers retailers (for store admin) the flexibility of Order Pickup options for specific locations independently, down to the individual location level. Retailers have the choice to adhere to a globalized Store Pickup set up in the Global Settings or to customize settings for each location (store), thus overriding the global configuration as per business requirements.
Certain Store Pickup configurations can only be configured at the location level, regardless of the Global Settings in place.

This KB article provides a comprehensive guide on both, following the global-level Store Pickup configurations and customizing store pickup settings for individual locations by overriding the global setting.

1. Reaching Locations for Store Pickup Settings

To configure the Store Pickup method for a particular store (location), follow the below steps:
  1. Step 1: Log into Store Admin
  2. Step 2: Click Settings
  3. Step 3: Log into Locations & Fulfillments

Figure 1.1
By clicking the "Locations & Fulfillments" menu, you will be redirected to the locations listing.

Figure 1.2
  1. Step 4: Click "Action" for a specific Location
    By clicking an "action" (ellipsis) icon, you will see the list of setups to configure for that location.
Note: If any location (store) is recently synced from the Control Center or accessing the locations from the Setup Wizard for the first time, you will get the "Setup" button instead of the action (ellipsis) icon for that location. It means you need to configure and set up the locations from scratch for the first time. The location status will be displayed as "Inactive" until the location is configured with basic details, fulfillment [Store Pickup & Delivery], and time slots.

Figure 1.3

2. Store Pickup Settings

By selecting "Store Pickup" [As shown in Figure 1.2], you'll access the Store Pickup settings specific to that location. Upon initial access, the Store Pickup switch will be disabled by default.

Figure 2.1
When you enable the switch, the store pickup method becomes available for the selected location. Subsequently, you'll need to configure the following store pickup settings:
1. Use Global Settings: Activate this switch to maintain the store pickup settings and options configured in the Global Settings.   
2. Coming Soon: Activate this switch to display the store pickup fulfillment options as "Coming Soon" to customers. When enabled, customers cannot select the store pickup fulfillment option.
3. Store Pickup Settings/Options: When the "Use Global Settings" switch is disabled, configure all settings and options specific to the selected location, akin to the store pickup settings in the global settings.

Figure 2.2

2.1 Use Global Settings

Once you've configured the store pickup settings at the global level, you can opt to maintain these settings for the selected location. To do so, enable the "Use Global Settings" switch.
Enabling "Use Global Settings":
Upon toggling the "Use Global Settings" switch, a confirmation pop-up will prompt you to confirm the application of global settings.

Figure 2.1.1

2.2 Store Pickup Settings

By clicking Yes [As per Figure 2.1.1], all the following settings that are configured at the global level will automatically be applied to the selected location except "Use Curbside Pickup - Parking Spots":
- Description for Users
- Min Order Amount & Fixed Fee
- Slot Booking Required & Allow Rescheduling
- Slot Closing Days, Hours, and Minutes
- Pickup Instruction

Figure 2.2.1

Disabling "Use Global Settings":
When you disable the "Use Business Settings" switch, a confirmation pop-up will again ask you to override the store pickup settings at the global level and configure the store pickup for the selected location.

Figure 2.2.2
The following settings and options can be configured at the location level by overriding the global settings (Disabling the 'Use Global Settings' switch).
1. Description for Users
When the customer adds the item to the cart and proceeds to place the order, they can choose the desired time slot to pick up the order from the store. So, if you want to display some instructions/notes at the time of the time slot selection, enter the content under "Description for Users."
2. Min Order Amount & Fixed Fee
You can set up the minimum order amount for the customers conditional-based. If the customer places the order below the minimum order amount, the "Fixed Fee" will be applicable and added to the order total.
3. Slot Booking Required
Allow the customer to choose the desired time slot at the time of placing the order. If you enable the "Slot Booking Required" checkbox, the customers can select the desired time slot to pick up the order from the store.
- Allow Rescheduling: When "Slot Booking Required" is enabled, the "Allow Rescheduling" checkbox will be enabled to reschedule the customer's order.
Note: If you have added and set up Time Slots from the "Available Slots" for locations (stores), only then will the customers get the time slot selection during the order placement.

Figure 2.2.3
4. Use Curbside Pickup - Parking Spots
When customers opt for 'Store Pickup' fulfillment, they typically visit the store to collect their orders. Here's the "Curbside Pickup" option to minimize the need for customers to enter the store or wait in line to pick up the order. Enabling "Curbside Pickup" with designated parking spots provides a convenient alternative way to hand over the order outside of the store.
By checking off the "Use Curbside Pickup - Parking Spots" checkbox, the customer will get the option to choose the "curbside pickup" option at the time of placing the order on the checkout page. This option allows them to collect their orders directly from their vehicles, reducing time spent and improving overall convenience.
Note: The setting for "Use Curbside Pickup - Parking Spots" can be managed at the location level only, irrespective of whether the global settings are adhered to or overridden.
5. Confirmation Code Required
Enabling this checkbox will prompt customers to provide a confirmation code to verify their order details.
Where to Find the Confirmation Code?
Upon order placement, a confirmation code is generated and made available to customers. They can locate this code on their order details page within their user profile.
6. Slot Closing Days, Hours, and Minutes
If you want to display the time slot to customers after some time interval as per the current date and time, you need to enter the Days, Hours, and Minutes. As per entering the slot closing days, hours, and minutes and calculating as per the current date and time, the time slots can be displayed after that time interval.
Ex. If slot 1 (Day), 5 (Hours), and 0 (Minutes) are set up and the current date 06/21 (21st June) time is 9 AM, the customers will get the time slot of the next day after the 2 PM time slots.
7. Pickup Instruction
Enter the pickup instruction to instruct the customers when the order is ready to be picked up from the store. This instruction can be seen only when the order is ready to be picked up on the order status detail page. Ex. If you want to instruct the customers where to enter to pick up the order or what things they must carry, that kind of instruction/message can be added to the "Pickup Instruction" edit box.

Once all the above setups are configured, you need to click on the "Save" button to apply the Store Pickup for the location.

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