Commission Sales Report

Commission Sales Report

Commission Sales Report Overview

Reports -> Sales Reports -> "Commission Sales"

A sales commission/spiff is one of the compensations that the employee receives along with the salary when they sell such products as per the criteria. As store owners/retailers, you can apply different types and levels of commissions to individual staff (employees employees/cashiers) in FTx Cloud POS. If the employees are getting commissions (incentives) on selling such products, they will put in more effort to sell the products to the customers.

FTx Cloud POS provides a detailed report of the amount of the commission that is configured in the system. The sales manager/store owner can track how much commission is disbursed to individual employees and at the store (location) level by generating the Commission Sales report.

In this technical document, you will see:
- How to check the commission sales report
- How to check the employee and/or location specfic commission

1. Reaching the Commission Sales Report

To reach the "Commission Sales" report, follow the below steps:
  1. Step 1: Log into Control Center
  2. Step 2: Choose Point of Sale
  3. Step 3: Choose Reports
  4. Step 4: Choose Sales Reports
  5. Step 5: Choose Commission Sales

                                                                                                              Figure 1.1
By clicking "Commission Sales," you will be redirected to the "Commission Sales Report" page with relevant filter options.

                                                                                                  Figure 1.2
You will see the "Report data is empty..." message initially.

2. Generating Commission Sales Report

When you navigate to the "Commission Sales Report" page, you will get some of the options pre-selected by default. You need to select the commission(s) from "Filter By Commission" and the specific date range.

                                                                                                  Figure 2.1

You need to click the "Manage" button to select the commission records to get the data in the report.

By clicking the "Manage" button, a "Manage Filters" for commissions window will pop up. You will see the following details:
1. You can see the list of the commission records with the start date and end date of the commission campaign and the status.
2. Search and Filter Options:
You can see the search box to search the commission record by entering the text.
- You can filter the commission records as per All Items | Child Only | Parent Only | Standalone Only for products.
- You can filter the commission records by Active Only | Inactive Only | All Records.

                                                                                                  Figure 2.2
3. You will find the checkbox along with all the records. You need to select the record(s) by ticking the checkbox.
4. By clicking the green right-sided arrow button, move the selected record(s) to the "Selected List" area on the right side.

After selecting and moving the records under the "Selected List":
1. If you want to remove the whole selection, click the "Clear Selection" button. You can remove any record from the list by clicking the "Remove" (x) icon. 
2. You can generate the Commission Sales report by clicking the "Apply" button.

                                                                                                  Figure 2.2
Once you have selected the records or the saved customer filter, you will see selected commission records under the "Selected Filter Types" section.

                                                                                                  Figure 2.3

By generating the report, you will get the commission sales (commission amount) data as per the selection of the commission records.
1. Name of the location (store). You can see the commission sales data in the tabular format under the name of the location.

                                                                                                  Figure 2.4
2. Commission Sales data in the tabular format.
  1. Commission Name: This column represents the commissions (campaigns) that are configured in the system. [POS -> Pricebook -> Commissions]
  2. Amount: This column represents the applicable amount when the employee sells the item at the POS as per the commission setup (rules).
  3. Start Date & End Date: Both columns represent the starting and ending dates of the commission campaign, respectively. (As configured in the system)
  4. Quantity Sold: This column represents the total quantity sold under the commissions.
  5. Commission: This column represents the total commission amount that is earned by the employees.
You can see the commission amount data in a similar way for other locations where the products are sold with the commission configured.

3. Report Filter Options

Now, let's see how to set up the report filter options to generate the commission data with specific criteria.

                                                                                                  Figure 3.1

3.1 Report Type

You can filter and check the Commission Report based on these 4 filter options: Group By Location | Group By Location Group | Group By Employee | Group By Location and Employee
When you select and navigate to the "Commission Sales Report" page, by default, the "Group By Location" will be pre-selected.

                                                                                                  Figure 3.1.1

Group By Location Group

You can generate and check the commission data in the grouping of the "Location Group." After selecting "Group By Location Group," you will get the drop-down selection of the location group.

                                                                                                  Figure 3.1.2
You can select the location group(s) to check the commission sales data accordingly. Tick the checkbox for the location group and generate the report.
After generating the report, you can see the commission sales data that belongs to the location group(s).

                                                                                                  Figure 3.1.3

Group By Employees

You can generate and check the commission data for employees and how much they earned the commission by selling the items at the POS.

                                                                                                  Figure 3.1.4
You can see the commission details for the individual employees in the tabular format. In this way, you can track the commission amount of the employees by generating the commission sales report.

Group By Location and Employee

You can filter and check the commission sales data by grouping the location and employee. This type will gather the sales data according to the employees where they belong to the specific location.

                                                                                                        Figure 3.1.5
After generating the report, you can see how much commission was earned by the employees at the locations. You can also see the totals for the location: sold qty and commission amount.

3.2 Date Range & Preset

You can filter your sales data in the report by selecting the date range as well as specific times.
By clicking the edit box, you will get the tiny calendar to select the specific date range. You can also enter the date manually in mm/dd/yyyy format.

                                                                                                  Figure 3.2.1
If you want the commission sales data in the report for a specific time duration (till morning/evening), you can select the particular time (hours and minutes) from the date selection.

Presets label is provided to select the specific duration/interval to generate the commission sales data with that.

                                                                                                  Figure 3.2.2

3.3 Filter Locations & L. Groups

To check the commission sales data for a specific location (store) and/or location groups only, you can set up the location filter option by clicking the button (No filter selected) on the top-right side.

                                                                                                  Figure 3.3.1

By clicking that button, a "Manage Filters" window will pop up from where you will see the following details:
1. You will see the two tabs: "Store" and "Location Group."
2. You can select the saved custom filter from the drop-down selection. The "Manage Filters" button will open the list of the saved custom filters.

                                                                                                  Figure 3.3.2

3. You can see the list of stores (locations) along with the checkbox. If there are plenty of records, you can search the store by entering the text.
4. By ticking the checkbox, the store will be selected.
5. By clicking the "move" button (green-right arrow button), move the selected store record(s) to the right side under "Selected List."

You can see the selected store records in the "Selected List" section. It means that when you generate the report, you will get the sales data for the commission that is in the "Selected List" section.

                                                                                                  Figure 3.3.3
1. Clear Selection: You can remove the selected record by clicking the "Close" button. You can also remove all the selections from the list by clicking the "Clear Selection" button.
2. Apply or Save Filters: After selecting the store record(s), you can directly apply the report by clicking the "Apply" button, or you can save it for future use.

Save and Manage Location Filters:
By clicking the "Save Filters" button, a popup will appear to allow you to enter the name of the location filter.

                                                                                     Figure 3.3.4
Enter the name of the custom filter and click the OK button to save it.

After saving the location filter, you can see the:
1. Saved Filter: The saved custom filters will appear in the drop-down selection. You can select the required custom filter from the drop-down list for the report.
2. Manage Filters: You can check and manage the filters by clicking the "Manage Filters" button. By clicking on it, you will see the listing of the saved custom filters in a pop-up.

                                                                                                 Figure 3.3.5
- Select FIlter: Select any filter from the list to generate the desired report. Select the filter from the list, and then click on the "Select Filter" button.
- Delete: Delete any filter from the list that is no longer required. Select the filter and then click on the "Delete" button.

In this way, the "Location Filter" options (tabs) help customize the records to get only the location (store) specific data for the commission sales report.

Similarly, you can select the location group(s) to filter the records.

                                                                                                       Figure 3.3.6
When you set up the filters for locations (stores) and location groups, you can see the selected details by hovering the mouse cursor over the filter button.

                                                                                               Figure 3.3.7
You can see the commission sales data as per the selection of location(s) and/or location group after generating the report.
Hence, using the multiple custom filters and grouping options, you can get the relevant commission sales report for the employees along with the locations.

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