Disclaimer Acknowledgement Report

Disclaimer Acknowledgement Report

​Disclaimer Acknowledgement Report Overview

The Disclaimer Acknowledgement Report shows disclaimers that were acknowledged via the POS with the appropriate setting enabled. The report will display the data about the store, cashiers, receipts, text, and other details within the selected date range.

1. Reaching the Disclaimer Acknowledgement Report 

To reach the Disclaimer Acknowledgement Report, follow the below steps (See Figure A):
  1. Step 1: Log into Control Center
  2. Step 2: Choose Point of Sale
  3. Step 3: Choose Reports
  4. Step 4: Choose Sales Report
  5. Step 5: Choose Disclaimer Acknowledgement Report
See Figure A. You will see many types of inventory reports that will be useful to your retail business. By clicking the "Choose Report" drop-down selection, you will see the different types of sales reports.

                                                                                      Figure A

You will see the "Report Data is Empty" message initially. You need to select the date range to check the "Disclaimer Acknowledgement Report" in the report. See Figure B.

                                                                                   Figure B

2. Generating the Disclaimer Acknowledgement Report

To generate the Disclaimer Acknowledgement Report, follow the steps below. (See Figure B above).
  1. From the "Disclaimer Acknowledgement Report" page, you will see the "Choose Reports" drop-down selection.
  2. By clicking the drop-down selection, you will see different types of sales reports in alphabetical order.
  3. Search for "Disclaimer Acknowledgement Report" from the list and click on it.
The following data gets fetched in tabular format when you click on the "Generate Report" button in the top right corner; the "Disclaimer Acknowledgement Report" will be displayed as highlighted in Figure C.
                                                                                    Figure C
  1. Store: The store location name is mentioned in this store.
  2. Cashier: This column displays the name of the store cashier.
  3. Cashier Number: The cashier number is mentioned in the column.
  4. Reg #: The register number that was used during the transaction is mentioned here.
  5. Receipt #: This column displays the receipt number that makes sure that the [payment for the transaction is successful.
  6. UPC: This column displays the UPC of the item.
  7. Item Name: The name of the item is mentioned here in this column.
  8. Disclaimer: The disclaimer note is displayed in this column. 
  9. Acknowledged: This column states whether or not the disclaimer has been acknowledged at the POS. It is subjected to two objective values, i.e., YES or NO.
  10. Sold: This column defines whether or not the sales have been made. It is also subjected to two objective values, i.e., YES or NO.

3. Date Range & Presets

You can filter your sales data in the report by selecting the date range as well as specific times.
By clicking the edit box, you will be taken to a tiny calendar where you can select a specific date range. You can also manually enter the date in mm/dd/yyyy format.
See Figure D, Figure E, and Figure F.

3.1 Start Date: This field lets you choose the start date of the date range.

                                                                                            Figure D

3.2 End Date: This field lets you choose the end date of the date range.

                                                                                     Figure E

3.2 Presets: The Presets label is provided to select the specific duration/interval to generate the report with that.

                                                                                         Figure F
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